General possible delays and partner developmental factors

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Primary (7-9, and 10-12-year-olds).  Please only do the one that I have put the no on. don’t worry about the other part because my group member is doing his/her part. Group Project: Applying theories of child development, prepare a 45-minute group presentation on a selected age group primary (7-9, and 10-12-year-olds).Include: Developmental characteristics for the physical development (fine and gross motor), cognitive development, language development, social and emotional development of this age group. Discuss major theories and/or theorists relative to this age group. YOU MUST DO THIS PART (1. Discuss general possible delays and partner developmental factors with suggested interventions.) Prepare and demonstrate 3 developmentally appropriate activities that exemplify the development in all 3 domains of your age group. Please actively engage the class in your demonstration) AND MUST DO THIS ONE 2 (Use visuals, props, video and/or PowerPoint) please make sure to use the useful visual and videos with the brief descriptions. RUBRIC: DEVELOPMENTAL GROUP PRESENTATION Early Childhood Development Names:_______________________________________________________ Group: _______________________________________________________________________ FORMAT (10 points) • Outline or Organizer includes major points of presentation _____/3 • Technology and visuals used (PowerPoint or Promethean) _____/3 • Additional materials (photographs, videos, “hands on” materials) used _____/2 • Sources other than text cited _____/2 STYLE (15 points) • Stimulating and interesting _____/3 • Stays within time limit of 45 minutes _____/2 • Well paced (e.g., not rushed towards the end) _____/2 • All presenters have a meaningful, active role _____/3 • Transitions between presenters well coordinated _____/2 • Creative _____/3 CONTENT (25 points) • Clearly and accurately describes milestones of child development _____/5 • Describes relevant theories that focus on age specific development (Piaget, Erikson, Vygotsky and one other specific to developmental stage) _____/5 • Cites examples of theory based activities that promote normal development _____/5 • Demonstrate 3 developmentally appropriate activity (Cognitive, Social/Emotional, Physical) _____/5 • Discusses one possible delay or atypical factors w/suggested interventions _____/5 TOTAL POINTS ____________________/ 50

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