Global Connections – Globalization

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This is a final exam and there are two questions.. A target length for each answer is approximately 1500 words. Questions will be graded from the perspective of how well they include and integrate frameworks, concepts and examples covered in the course. Answers that do not reflect the course content, even if they are otherwise correct, will be penalized. So, please make an offer if you already know these concepts covered in the class (I will attach lecture notes) or willing to learn them. Question 1: In 2018 Greenpeace Canada ran an advertising campaign called “Don’t suck the life out of our oceans”. With specific reference to the concepts covered in our course, describe the interplay between the dimensions of globalization as represented in these advertisements, the discourse that they represent, and their commentary on globalization. Question 2: In your text, Manfred Steger recounts Karl Polyani’s analysis that the origins of the social crises that gripped the world during the first half of the 20th century were based in illconceived efforts to liberalize and globalize markets. He claims that commercial interests came to dominate society by means of a ruthless market logic that effectively disconnected people’s economic activities from their social relations. The results included two world wars and the Great Depression. Are the processes of globalization since 1944 fundamentally different from those in the early part of the 20th century? Why or why not?

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