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Module 2 assignment

This Is a Two-Part Assignment:

First, complete worksheet two, letter of inquiry questionnaire. This will help you organize the material that should be included in the actual letter of inquiry. If you want to type directly into the form, the electronic version in MS Word 2007 is supplied in this folder. Before you begin to type in it, make sure you are able to save the document.

The second part of the assignment is submitting the actual letter. There is a sample letter of inquiry in your book. Be sure to include all the relevant contact information for your organization (or fictitious organization).

Be sure to submit both the Letter of Inquiry Questionnaire and the Letter of Inquiry letter as one submission.


Share your Project Ideas with your fellow learners.

If you have resources, such as websites or contact information that would help others, please share it here.

Module 3 assignment

The problem statement should provide evidence of a problem or issue that exists in a given population.

This Is a Two-Part Assignment:

First, complete the Statement of Problem Questionnaire. You can use the electronic version and save with your answers filled in or you can submit a separate answer sheet.

Next, use this information to write the Problem Statement.

Submit the Statement of Problem Questionnaire and the Problem Statement narrative as two separate files.

Module 4 assignment

This is a two-part assignment:

First, complete the Goals and Objective Worksheet. If there is more than one Project Goal, complete one worksheet for each goal, listing the goal at the top of the worksheet. Dissect each goal into objectives indicating the direction of change, area of change, target population, degree of change and time frame.

Next, write the Program Objectives section that will be included in the final grant proposal. You can name this several different titles, Goals and Objectives, Project Goals, Programs Objectives, etc. Look at the sample proposals for examples.

Submit the Goals and Objectives worksheet and the Actual Goals and Objectives Statement as two separate files.


Module Two Notes

  • A brief statement describing your program, including the expected outcomes and the cost.

When seeking grant funding’s, a major rule is that you or your organization must meet the criteria (not just almost meet the criteria or meet most of the criteria) Grants are awarded to specific entities for specific purposes; the funders look for those that can fit into that narrow definition.

In the letter of inquiry, you are asking for guidelines. If you have a personal contact within the funder’s organization, you may simply want to call or meet personally. This contact will shed light on your eligibility, therefore it is important that you are concise but cover the necessary description of your program and costs. Some funders have specific criteria that must be included in this letter; if not, be sure to include:

  • Contact information and names including email addresses, phone numbers, Websites, and addresses.
  • budgets and comprehensive plans.
  • A request for further information on their program or project.
  • Information that shows the connection between your interests and the funder’s.
  • Published brochures or articles on your organization that highlight your community or charitable interests, particularly those that link the projects

Sending a letter of intent, the funder has already announced the availability of funds and is requesting proposals. In the letter of intent, you indicate your intention to apply for a particular grant. This is simply a notification letting the funder know that you will be sending in the proposal. This letter is a short and simple statement indicating that you or your organization will be sending in your application for the grant. Some agencies require this step simply to determine how many application they will be receiving so they can plan for the staffing of individuals to review these proposals.

Additionally, a cover letter should be included in your full grant proposal package. All contact information should be contained in the cover letter. If a funder would like to reach you for clarification or questions, it is important you have phone numbers, fax numbers, emails, web addresses, and physical addresses included so you can easily be reached. It may appear repetitive, but should include a summary of all the pertinent details of the proposal in a very concise and clear format. If a funder were to read only the cover letter, it should be evident the significance of the project.

Module Three Notes

Writing an effective problem statement is essential to the grants proposal. This is often called the statement of problem. This basically explains WHY you want to do the project. It should convince the funder that there is a community need for your program. In order to make a compelling case, you must explain objectively;

  • Why the issue is occurring
  • How you know it is occurring (data and sources of information)
  • Describe the target population
  • What are the outcomes because of these issues (lack of housing,inadequate water, etc.)
  • Why your organization can address this issue
  • What changes do you expect because of your organization’s project

This convincing argument must paint a picture that will convince the funder that not only there is a need for the project, but that your organization is the best fit for the challenge.

When writing the problem statement, it is essential to stay focused and not bring up problems that your organization is not going to change. Many grant writers go on tangents and it becomes unclear just what the problem is and how the organization plans to change it.

The problem should relate to the mission of your organization. This will help explain why your organization is the best fit for the job. For example, let’s say your organization’s mission is “to provide affordable and quality health care services for young adults”. The grant’s problem statement can explain that 40% of the youth in your community are not receiving affordable and quality health care because there is not enough providers.This will collaborate your mission. Now, tie the interests of the funding organization into the problem statement.

Module Four Notes

Both goals and objectives should relate directly to the Needs Statement.

Goals are the intent of the Project

Goals are written as a broad statement. For example: Organizations Goal for this project is to provide affordable health care for the elderly.

Objectives provide concrete details of the Project’s intentions

Objectives spell out specifics. For example: Organization will increase by 50% health screening exams for citizens of XYZ over the next two year period.

When writing objectives, think of the ending outcome you want the program to achieve. These may be referred to as Performance Benchmarks, Program Outcomes, or other terminology. First and foremost, they must be achievable. If they are not realistic, then the program is doomed to fail. For example, it would seem unattainable to expect that every student in ABC school will be able to score in the 90 or higher percentile on the college entrance exam.

The objectives must be written concisely in MEASURABLE terms; quantifiable in numbers or percentages. For example, let’s assume the Need is for reduced drug use by teens. Providing drug Resistance Training is the Goal. A written objective might be: By the end of the project, the number of surveyed students at XYZ school who indicated they took ABC drug will decrease by 40% for the results of the previous survey conducted on 1/2/2015.

Objectives must include a time frame. Make sure this time frame is realistic. You will need to research benchmarks on reasonable expectations for the changes.

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