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its all about “Nike”

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note:  please get recent articles about NIKE only from professional business journals such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes. 

question 1: write about organizing structure of Nike.(one page) (one or two references)

question 2 : Through this newspaper article, are any management course concepts 

challenged?(one page) (one or two references)

important instructions:


References (Build a comprehensive reference page that includes refereed
journal articles and/or websites cited above.
It is
acceptable to have
only web articles that are not scholarly/refereed journal articles.
Do not
use Wikipedia/encyclopedia or blogs
and similar Internet sources in this
Feel free to use professional business journals such as Wall Street
Journal, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes.

Turnitin is a part of the D2L. Every time a student turns in
any assignment in the dropbox, Turnitin will automatically evaluate it.
WARNING: DOES check to see if any part of the document
is copied from any other document in their files…published or unpublished.
Because of the nature of the assignments, some duplication is acceptable
and even expected…such as the repetition of titles, names and specific
questions and quotations. Within 24 hours of submission, you should be
able to check for your report detailing what percentage of your paper has
been previously submitted. You are expected to correct and resubmit to
reduce it as low as possible (be sure to allow extra time for this!) Anything
over 20% will result in need for resubmission. For additional help with
written assignments, please contact the Online Writing Lab at


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