Group Sim Strategy Report

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Please Note: This assignment is an group assignment on the team portion of the Capsim. Learning Outcome: Using the appropriate data from a business simulation, determine the firm’s performance on key indicators and communicate this assessment and recommendations for management actions. Group Sim Strategy Report 2 (Competition Round 3 & 4) Objective:  To identify the business factors that influenced the development and strategy for each decision point within the simulation. Assignment Details: This is an overview of strategy and decisions made for each round of the simulation.  The focus should be on providing the rationale for why the group chose a particular strategy/decision for each functional area within the simulation.  Be sure to Include all the possible strategies and why they were not selected.  Tie decision rationale back to course content or knowledge of content areas from other MBA courses. For rounds after #1, include a brief description of “results” from previous decisions and your understanding of the factors that impacted the results.   Expectations: Business report format that can utilize bullet points as needed to augment narrative  “First Person” writing acceptable Error free grammar and writing

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