Gun Issue Research

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Conduct independent research on a gun-related topic

  • Submit a report of your findings
    • at least 2 single-spaced pages in length
  • Your assignment is to include the following information:
    • Detailed description of your topic
    • History, why it’s important, how it ties to sustainability/this course, who it impacts, etc
    • Discussion on at least 3 issues associated with that topic
    • One sustainability issue (problem) associated with that topic.
    • One specific reason this issue (problem) is important as it relates to business
    • At least 2 possible solutions to the issue and
    • Your opinion and why you feel that way
  • You may select a specific issue of your choice. If you need a little help, here are some ideas:
    • Companies that have cut off association with the NRA
    • Should teachers have guns in schools
    • How the NRA funnels money to our politicians
    • Rulings of the Supreme Court
    • Communities impacted by mass shootings
    • Restrictions on types of guns and/or gun modification devices (bump stocks, etc)
    • Issues with the ATF’s databases/record keeping

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