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Gymnastic Advice


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A privately-owned, commercial gymnastics club in your town has had much success in producing outstanding female gymnasts as young as ten years old. The girls at the club practice at least 25 hours a week and often compete on weekends. You’ve been asked by a friend who has a six-year old daughter if he should pay the annual fees to register is daughter in the club. He wants to know what you think about such clubs and if his daughter would benefit from being a gymnast in the local club. Identify at least three issues you would discuss with him and outline what you’d say about each. Please write an essay that addresses the three issues. The minimum word count is 500 words. If you include any citations of material from outside the textbook… it needs to be cited correctly. -one of the issues could be that youth sports affects the development of people simply because of the large amount of time they spend participating in it

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