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Students will write a 1000 word essay on the pathophysiology of one of the most common diseases seen by NP’s in clinical practice. The topic will be assigned to each student on a different disease, disorder or syndrome. The focus will be to teach their peers about the disease and the most clinically relevant information. Focus should be congruent with the course objectives as stated in the syllabus which includes diagnostic reasoning. The paper will be turned in online in APA format with at least 5 references. Please post your paper to the discussion board. The second half of your grade will be to read your peers papers and respond to at least two papers on the discussion board. The paper is due on 10/16. The peer discussion is due anytime between 10/16 and 10/23. (An additional three days was given for this assignment, so the paper is now due on 10/19 before 11:59pm and the two peer reviews are now due by 10/26 before 11:59pm. This extension was granted due to a conflict with an exam in another graduate class.)

The paper should cover the following:

Clinical manifestation: Describe the clinical manifestations and the typical presentation seen for a client with this disorder.

Differential diagnosis: Formulate a list of potential differential diagnosis for a patient presenting with the clinical manifestations of the disease.

Diagnostic tests: Analyze the value of any diagnostic tests that might be used to confirm the diagnosis of this condition.

Evidence based practice: Synthesize and apply research findings to promote evidence- based practice for the disease.

Special client needs: Determine if there would be any special needs for transition to a different type of care based on an assessment of the patient’s acuity, stability, resources, and need for assistance.

Interprofessional collaborations: Describe any inter professional collaborations that would help a nurse practitioner determine the plan of care for a patient with this disorder.

Culture: Discuss any cultural, spiritual, ethnic, gender, and age differences in presentation, progression, and response of to the pathophysiologic process.

Patient impact: Analyze the impact of pathophysiological condition on the patient’s ability to care for themselves or others.

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