High-level overview of the need for a national framework for protecting critical infrastructure

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1. The department of homeland security (DHS) handling ways

The DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) in the U.S should handle this situation by following and implements better cyber forces to stop the nonsense done by china. It is the department of the cabinet in the U.S. the responsibility of DHS is securing the public from threats. And it is the department for border security in the U.S and immigration process department, so it should protect people like these issues. It shall think of alternatives with different ideas for the security purpose. And this department is accountable for cybersecurity in the U.S so it should have its precautions and strategies to avoid cyber-attacks (Bauze, 2012).

With using advanced technology DHS can get the information about any un-ethical and for any illegal proceedings. Before the loss, it should get information about the threat automatically with its working process. And also it should aware of the people to prevent like this cyber hitting. Because of the disaster of peoples, lifestyle, as well as the department of finance and commerce of the state, automatically disserted. Lack of awareness causes a lack of loss. So DHS should encourage the people to avoid the blind belief of anyone like china. And try to help people and all departments take back and live normally. Help for the securing of their health due to the government crises (Karmaker, 2011).

Normal people are most affected by these situations. So they mostly go sick in this situation because of financial crises. Give to them strength mentally to out of the problem. And inform the government what is the major cause and its stopping methods take the government to help to handle the situation at any cost. And developing also rebuilds the developments in all departments and sectors. Mostly the people who want majorly to live normally that thing identified by the DHS to help them fully to save the people and their livelihood? The DHS also has the right to interfere with the country’s internal and external relations with the neighbor countries so it has the responsibility to secure the country from all sides and faces of problems. Take best-advanced methods for future security issues it should provide safety to the public people (Strandberg-Larsen, 2010).


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2. It is more than 80,000 attacks against military computer systems in 2007; because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported over 18,000 cyber incidents against federal agencies. The US military systems are scanned or attacked more than 300 million times a day; because the Department of Defense (DoD) reported at a hearing the intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives on May 2008. According to DoD, hackers based in China have probably entered the US military networks in 2007 in the same spirit. Each year, the U.S. is facing thousands of threats from foreign governments, terrorist organizations, and individuals committed to cause chaos. In recent years, the mission of the Department of Homeland Security of protecting American interests and assets has become more difficult (Whitehouse.gov,(2018).

Its process all emphasizes the changing nature of the threats that DHS faces daily; because of the major vulnerabilities of network security and the sheer volume of information for interconnectivity critical systems. It enhances the security of the country and its infrastructure; because DHS adapts to the increase in cyber threats and uses Big Data tools. In February 2008, countries like China have the technical capabilities to target and disrupt infrastructure elements American news included by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as IC leaders are aware of this threat. Previously, some experts said that hackers based in China have penetrated unclassified military systems in 2001, the nodes in the power systems of the northeastern United States in 2003 and computers in the US Congress 2008. The Chinese Foreign Ministry subsequently denied the charges. Hackers can compromise the industrial control system and wreak havoc on everything from the power grid to transport networks, etc; because the computer network is connected to the Internet. They can be prepared to mitigate the effects of an infrastructure attack by creating redundancies or backups to restore functionality on time; because DHS admits that it may be impossible to stop such an attack (Eric,R.(2009).


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3. In combatting a coordinated cyber-attack, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must take numerous actions to recover. Fortunately, the Presidential Order related to Cyber Security has already mandated that every department have contingency scenarios for any items listed in the Risk Management Plan. Such plans will likely follow the 5-steps identified in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, including identifying the source(s) of the attack, protecting assets, detecting vulnerabilities, responding to the attack, and recovering. (Forsyth, 2018)

Specific steps may also include appointing a single person to take charge of the situation, presumably the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), rather than each agency combatting the situation independently. This will allow all agencies to perform a triage of services, deciding which are most important and the order in which they will be restored. Evaluating which systems are effected and prioritizing systems will be vital if systems must be restored individually.

Extreme measures may include isolating systems from large portions of the network, such as foreign internet traffic. Amoroso (2013) states that distributed attacks come from personal computers, internet of things (IoT) devices, and anything else connected to the internet. As such, it may also be useful to work with ISPs to aid them in identifying rogue traffic that can be blocked from within their network.

Restoring services is the immediate goal in this scenario. However, the long-term goal will be to protect our infrastructure from future attacks through the use of appliances, data analysis, superior technology, etc. This is based on the old adage that a good defense is the best offense. Norton.com (2018) emphasises the need to create and enforce strong password policies, maintain software with all security patches, and educating users about social engineering. Many of the tactics for protecting individuals can also apply to national infrastructure.


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