H&M in fast fashion: continued success?

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Write a report based on the case study file uploaded and to address the following questions: 1. What are H&M’s threshold and distinctive resources and capabilities? 2. Critically discuss H&M’s resources and capabilities, identifying the areas and functions that provide for competitive advantage. To what extent can they be sustained? 3. Suggest what H&M and CEO Karl-Johan Persson should do about areas with only temporary advantages? Tips: About H&M: Mainly focus on resource based view, Value Chain Analysis &VRIO Framework

Intro: – Overview of the key issues of the question – Brief outline how you outline your report – Using value chain analysis Main body: Answer the 3 questions above. Q1: Provide explanation of the definition of the concept/technique/ theory before you apply it to solve or address the question (Resource Based view) Q2. Identify resource capabilities using VRIO framework ( Value creating, Rare, Imitability, Organization) – Define/ explain what is VRIO briefly and based on that VRIO framework analysis what provides H&M competitive advantage as compare to its competitor. Q3. Link suggestion should be based on your analysis/evidence/argument you have done & to what extend can they sustained? Conclusion: Recommendation is based on the analysis you have done ( perhaps relook at the value chain analysis) 

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