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TASK 1: Case Study 1: Homeland DIY Jack is the manager of the Homeland DIY company. He has overseen the opening of a number of Homeland stores and the employment of a large number of people from the local community in recent years. The expansion of the company has increased Jack’s workload significantly, and he has had to delegate a number of responsibilities to the employees. He has recently recognised the need for employee involvement in the management of health and safety. Create a new document, and complete the tasks in Parts 1 and 2. Once complete, upload this document, saving at as <Your Name> Case Study 1 (Note: Word documents preferred). Tasks: Specify consultation and participation processes which Jack might engage employees of the Homeland DIY company in. Imagine that Jack engages employees of the Homeland DIY company, and they raise a number of issues, including: Heavy lifting hazards Necessary modifications to emergency evacuation procedures Changes to legislation affecting health and safety policies. Specify factors which Jack should consider when attempting to resolve these issues with the employees. Identify four ways of communicating the results of WHS participation and consultation. CASE STUDY 2. High Peak Outdoor Clothing Colin is the manager of the High-Peak Outdoor Clothing company. He has recently been considering appropriate ways of minimising the costs and increasing the efficiency of clothing production. He has carried out some research and found an item of machinery which would allow for increased speed of production and long-term financial savings. However, the employees would need to be trained in use of the new machinery, and the health and safety risks would need to be communicated. Write a paragraph detailing the factors which Colin should consider in relation to the planning, design, and evaluation of change in the High-peak clothing factory for introduction of the new item of machinery (no more than 250 words). Identify five types of hazards which Colin might be expected to consider in relation to the new item of machinery.

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