Homework 6

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  Final Project This week, you submit your Final Project. In preparation: Review the comments received from your Instructor to the draft submitted in Week 4. Use those comments to inform your final paper. Review the Final Project Guidelines located in this week’s Learning Resources. The Assignment In an 8-page paper (not including the cover page and reference page): Analyze an important social change movement of the pre-modern era (pre-1945). Analyze an important social change movement of the modern era (post 1945). Compare and contrast both movements. Analyze and explain the leadership structure of both movements. Who led these social change efforts? Was it an individual or a collective effort? What prompted individuals to become leaders of the movements? Analyze how the movements parallel or complement each other. Evaluate the success of these movements in promoting social change. Be sure to include an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page, using APA format to cite each of your sources.

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