Hotel Creation Project

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Hotel Creation Project

Assignment Instructions:

Create a Hotel– You will work in groups to create a new hotel property. This hotel is not to be a chain property (e.g. Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, etc.) and can be located anywhere in the world. Each group is responsible for deciding the: theme/concept, design, sales & marketing, pricing strategy, service style, costs, estimated revenue, target market, safety policies, attendance policies, room types, and F&B to be offered. This project will utilize the same topics/concepts taught in this class in a real-world simulation style project. Your job is to apply the concepts into an idea that would work as a legitimate hotel operation.

This is a group project, so you just need to write theme & concept .We chose the theme “Resort in Nature”. The main idea is eco-tourism. The name of hotel is “The Enchanted Garden” You can use Mashpi Lodeg as an example.The location you can choose by youslef.

Theme & Concept (30 points): Each hotel will have a unique theme and concept. What type of hotel will this be? Will it be modern or traditional? What amenities will you offer? Who is the target market? Everything should center on the theme and concept. The theme and concept needs to be clear and concise. You should be able to support why your group selected this theme and concept.

You need to do document and powerpoint for this assignment

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