How are medical technology companies enhancing care options for patients and providers?

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In class, we have mentioned how technology, updated patient care models, and data are innovating how health care is being delivered to individuals. In this assignment, you will research and summarize a specific innovation area and how policy is impacting innovation and in return how innovation is impacting care delivery. Below are the three steps to approach this assignment. 1. Select one of the four following broad research areas. Tip: Look into research that is relevant to the past 10 years. a. Medical technology innovation i. How are medical technology companies enhancing care options for patients and providers? b. Innovative ways technology companies are supporting better employee health i. How are technology companies working to support employee health? c. Accountable Care Organizations i. How are these organizations changing care delivery? d. The power and ethical considerations of health data i. How is health data being used to improve outcomes? 2. It may be in your best interest to narrow down your research areas to a specific technology/company/organization/example. We gave examples of these in class, however, feel free to get creative with your research. This should be set in stone for the following step. 3. Develop a slide deck (Microsoft PowerPoint) summarizing your findings and the policy implications for your specific innovation example. You will not be presenting in class. a. The slide deck should be a minimum of 10 slides and maximum of 15 content slides (please remember proper PowerPoint etiquette). The minimum slide count does not include the title and works cited slides. b. Use the following as a guide but feel free to add other slides as needed. As always, the use of photos, tables, graphs and other infographics are supported. i. Summary of your research area and specific technology/company/organization/example 1. What service(s) are being provided, if any? ii. Summary of research 1. What public health problem is this innovation area working to address? 2. Evaluate the pros and cons of this type of innovation. (innovation can take form of a practice, organization, or technology) 3. What are the policy implications of this innovation area? a. Describe the types of policy that impact this innovation area b. Describe how stakeholders are involved in the innovation area and in policymaking (e.g. providers, patients, interest groups) 4. Summarize specific outcomes (if any) or future outcomes

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