How can universities benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

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How can universities benefit from Artificial Intelligence?


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research a question using a case study research method. Students may choose any research question related to the field of Public Administration or Public Policy. What is case study research? Case study research is a form of social science research that examines a contemporary phenomenon (the case) in its real world context. (Yin) The research question should be a “how” or “why” question and the case will be used to explain, explore, compare or analyze. The case, or unit of analysis, may be an organization or group of people, community, municipality, state, or a response to a crisis or other event. Students should pick a case for which there is sufficient information (qualitative or quantitative data). Students may analyze a single case or conduct a comparative analysis of two cases. Steps in the process: Develop a research question Conduct a literature review Identify a case Identify sources of information on the case Analyze the information Synthesize what you’ve reviewed into a position Format Requirements: Your paper will be 4-5 pages, single spaced, 12 point font + a one page bibliography. Students should draw on no fewer than 4 sources of information. Students may cite their sources using footnotes, endnotes, or internal citation. Citations and bibliography should follow APA or MLA. Students should include a copy of their marked up draft in the final submission on Blackboard. Case Study Rubric (110 Points) ___/10 Timely submission of research question/case, and research outline ___/20 Timely submission and quality of draft ____/ 40 Quality of research and analysis # of and quality of sources Ideas/arguments are well-supported. ____/ 20 Structure and organization The reader can easily follow the flow of the paper Format meets requirements ____/ 20 Writing Student conveys ideas clearly and succinctly Paper has been thoroughly reviewed. ********************************************* So far I was going to look into a Case study: Deakin University, Australia. That is one of my researches I submitted on an outline.

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