How environmental change can affect animal communication and multiple signals.

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this module is to produce a 1500 word Primer (acceptable word counts are 1350-1650 words), modelled on the Primers published in Current Biology. The aim is to introduce an area to non-specialist readers, conveying the excitement and importance of the topic. Note that this is modelled on it- in terms of level, content and style, but does not need to follow the exact format used in Current Biology. the topic will be about how environmental change can affect animal communication and multiple signals. (you will find attached some suitable articles which are talking about the same subject). these some point which important to talk about in the essay, for example: 0-An interesting introduction to reading + what is multiple signals +perhaps examples. 0-why we should be interested in paying particular attention to multiple signals. 0-Multiple signalling in a variable environment: 0- How do environmental and genotypic variations interact to shape animal * Please add pictures, a diagram or graph for further clarification. * also, please find attached samples of this type of writing style, please follow similarity of the structure.

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