How has fast food impacted American eating?

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Students should conduct ~1 hour of participant observation at their field site. You should take notes during or after your hour of observation depending on the setting. Some sites may not be appropriate to take notes during observation. [Note: you may need to ask permission from people at your field site.] You should also be open about your research study and answer any questions if approached. After you have completed your observation and typed your field notes, you will write a 2 ½ – 3 page report about your observations. You will need to: • Introduce the topic of your study and your research question you are intending to answer • Write a description of your participant observation • Analyze your observations in relation to your research question o Cite at least 1 relevant peer-reviewed source within your report to justify your analyses/claims • Conclude and summarize your report – and write what question(s) remain o Additionally, you must include a copy of your participant observation notes – these do not count toward the page requirement and can be included as photograph or transcribed into the word document if handwritten • Include a Works Cited for your references – you can choose your preferred citation style for this report. Note that the Works Cited page does not count toward your page minimum. Formatting: Your margins should be 1 inches on all sides, 12 point font – Times New Roman, double-spaced, and must be fully 2 ½ pages to reach to page minimum. Rubric: • 5 points: Introduces topic, research question • 15 points: Includes a description of the participant observation • 15 points: Analyzes participant observation in relation to the research question, connects to a relevant peer-reviewed source • 5 points: Summarizes paper, states what question(s) still remain in regards to research question • 5 points: includes transcription/photo of field notes and a Works Cited page

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