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1. Referencing Boyd (2007), Clark (2011) and Pew Research Center (2013), what are some of the impacts of new technologies on Digital Youth?

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Ø For Boyd: – Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites: The Role of Networked Publics in Teenage, Social Life

Ø For Clark: – DIGITAL MEDIA AND THE GENERATION GAP Qualitative research on US teens and their parents

Pew research center: – Teens and Technology 2013

2. How have media or new technologies impacted (positively and negatively) the Political public Sphere?

Ø Crilley and Gillespie (2019). What to do about social media? Politics,

populism and journalism

Ø Praet, et al. (2018). I like, therefore I am. Predictive modeling to gain

insights in political preference in a multi-party system

Ø Astuti and Hangsing (2018). Predicting The Behavior of Young Voters in

Elections: A Case Study of Governor Election in Jakarta, Indonesia

3. In our discussion on new Technology and Diversity, we focused on the Storytelling Model of organizational communication as imperative in a continuously diverse world. How can this benefit an organization in the global world?  Cite sources (articles)

Ø Cultural diversity and information and communication technology impacts on global virtual teams: an exploratory study

Ø Strategic Application of Storytelling in Organizations

4. For several decades, technology has been effecting social change. Discuss this in detail by chronicling old and new technology referencing books, magazines, to the emergent social media including the Hashtag phenomenon.  Be sure to include in your discussion the eight tips for a successful use of social media for social change according to the Gates Foundation.

> Activism: Then and Now (Small Change): Biz Stone on Twitter and


Ø Chak (2014). New information and communication

technologies’ influence on activism in Cambodia.

5. Arguably, social media is imperative in furthering the public relations agenda of any organization. However, there is a difference between “communicating to” and “communicating with” the public.  First, explain what those two concepts mean and then, referencing our class discussion including the materials for New Technologies and PR, indicate how both concepts can be beneficial or detrimental to an organization?

Ø Terms of engagement: Analyzing public engagement with organizations

Social media

Ø Normative paradoxes in 360° journalism: Contested accuracy and objectivity

Ø Is using social media “good” for the public relations profession? A critical reflection

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