How should the “self” relate to humanity?

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This assignment contains 4 have to use 12 pt. Times-Roman with double spacing and cite using APA in-text citation. 1. How should the “self” relate to humanity? With the professional “you” as the self and those you will serve through your professional life as humanity. answer this question in 500 words 2. create the minimally 500 word discussion you need for this part. A. Why are Today’s Managers Creating a Demand for Business Ethics Courses? B. Can a Business Ethics Course Change Behavior? C. Some Things Business Ethics and Professional Ethics Have in Common D. Why Business Ethics is best understood as a management course E.why is Business Ethics a Management Course? 3.Social contract theorist (1712-1778) The view that there is within human nature an unwritten law requiring we do not harm each other (It is the social root of economic theory – trade is built on trust) Contracts have many forms. All have in common the idea that they exist to regulate the interactions between two or more people. Spoken promises, buyer’s agreements, warranties, and a governmental constitution are examples. But what happens when peoples meet who have no prior agreements whatsoever. Is there an unwritten contract within human nature that asks that, even without the presence of law, we do not harm each other? E. O. Wilson cited Present your own belief as to the source of the social contract. Research, cite and discuss at least one referenced source which support this claim. Give an example of how your interpretation of the social contract might appear in the professional or business world as a basis for trust. 4.Find a newspaper, magazine, or online article which in some way addresses a current business ethics in the news or in social media. In offering your own view or reacting to that of another contributor, cite your source and, out of the many topics and themes. present your own views on the topic

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