How social media platforms can affect the movies’ box office.

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This research will represent with a mixed both qualitative and quantitative research design by following the deductive methodology. We use qualitative method to transform the natural language using in social media platforms into data can be treated with quantitative method, and then use quantitative method to find the effect. The quantitative method is already used in different areas to solve different problems, so it is already very formalized, but the qualitative method is relatively new and unformalized, and all the data we used in the quantative method will be produced by the qualitative method, this means the qualitative method should be the more important one for this research. We want to answer the question of how social media platforms can affect the movie’s box office, if we can measure the variables of the social media platforms that is really important so that can affect the movie’s box office, then it is easy for us to find the effect with a quantative method, but without a qualitative method, there is no variable can be measured that affect the movie’s box office. So the main idea is we need to use qualitative method to change the critiques in the social media platforms into a variable, and then use statistics to measure the impact to the movie’s box office.

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