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English Composition I – Week 5 Assignment

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“How-To” Informative Essay

For this assignment, write a “How-to” Informative Essay. Your essay should teach the reader how to do something. You may pick your own topic, but avoid overly common topics such as “how to change a tire.” (If you do pick a common topic, consider how you may approach it in a new and interesting way. See your textbook’s advice for how to target a specific audience, for example.)

Below is a reminder of some recent examples of how-to essays for this class:

·  How to prepare campfire coffee in an easy and affordable way

·  How to prepare for a driver’s test

·  How to make Kahlua rum-flavored buttercream

·  How to build a weatherproof shooting house for hunters

·  How to prepare yourself for going to a protest

·  How a first-time buyer can negotiate with a car salesman

·  How to make your own customized wig

·  How to save money while living in a college dorm

·  How to care for a person who has dementia

As you can see, the topics vary widely, yet each focuses on a specific task and targets a narrow audience. Likewise, your topic can be unusual and off-the-wall or it can be somewhat common. Either way, it must target an audience that does not know the information you possess but wants or needs to know it.

Your informative essay should include all of the following:

·  An introduction that engages the reader. (Even if you can assume your readers needs this information, you must still draw them in and give them a persuasive purpose.)

·  An overview

·  Several of the other Eight Teaching Tips (imperatives, examples, whys, what not to do, and so forth)

·  Avoid COIK (see p. 239)

·  A conclusion that wraps up your essay without repeating what you’ve already said.

Additional Requirements:

·  500-800 words

·  APA Style (title page, running heads, 12-pt. Times New Roman, double spaced

·  Avoid using first person (“In this paper, I will teach you . . . .”; “I think . . .”) ; avoid using personal experiences.

·  If you use research to support your points, cite and document your sources according to APA Style.

View your assignment rubric.

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