HSA deduction

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  • Luther and Lexi are married and file a joint return.

  • Luther was enrolled in employer-sponsored family coverage through a high deductible health plan (HDHP) for all of 2020. His monthly premiums are $300.

  • In 2020, Luther contributed $1,700 to his Health Savings Account (HSA). Of that amount, $1,200 was made pretax through his employer’s cafeteria plan and he made the remaining $500 contribution by electronic deposit into the HSA from his checking account. His employer sent Form W-2 reporting $1,200 in Box 12a, with code W.

  • Luther received a Form 1099-SA showing a distribution from his HSA of $230. Luther did not have any medical expenses for the year. Lexi paid $80 to the dentist for a filling, and $150 for lab work ordered during her physical.

  • Luther and Lexi felt fortunate to have good jobs when so many people in their community were out of work, so they donated $250 by check to their local food bank. The food bank is a qualified organization and provided Luther and Lexi with a written acknowledgment of their donation. They contributed $20 in cash to a fundraiser for a local child’s cancer treatments. They also donated clothing in good condition with fair market value of $100 to Goodwill. They have a receipt for the donation.

  • Luther and Lexi are U.S. citizens with valid Social Security numbers. They do not have enough expenses to itemize their deductions.

 What amount can Luther take as an HSA deduction? $________.

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