HUM2211 regional or thematic argument paper

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These prompts ask for research-driven papers with academic sources and proper academic citation (choose a method and stick to it). Your paper should have a minimum of 3 sources. Better papers will tend to have more sources. Again, we’re talking academic sources. This means no Wikipedia, YouTube videos, commercial media sites, etc. You have access to a university library system: use it. Google Books is also a great resource, as it enables free digital access to many good sources (and many bad ones too). If you’re confused about the value of a source, please ask me. I’m happy to help. Don’t just search your topic on the Internet. This will lead you to bad sources. It’s the equivalent of yelling out your questions on a street corner and accepting whatever random people tell you. 1250 words.

Choose one of the following options. In each prompt, I’m looking for a paper with a clear thesis/argument, not a book report that simply presents a list of facts.

Regional Project

Choose a region/civilization that we’ve read thus far (India, China, Greece and Rome,East Asia, and Egypt) that you’d like to explore more deeply, pick a topic of focus, and dive in.

Thematic Project

Choose one of the themes that we explored early in the semester (gender/sexuality, race, religion), and find a compelling topic to examine in relation to that theme.

Regional + Thematic Project

Combine the two prompts above for projects such as “Gender in Ancient Egypt,” etc.

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