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For this assignment, you will add to the strategic management plan you completed in Wk 3.
Part I:
Prepare the content for two additional sections (employer considerations and ethics) of a strategic management plan for the state or local government agency you selected in Wk 3.
The total length of these additional sections (Strategic Management Plan, Part 2) should be between 1,400 and 1,750 words, and must include the following:
An explanation of the purpose of employee evaluations in your selected organization
A plan detailing the process for fair and effective performance evaluations in your selected organization that must address frequency, rigor, types, consequences or benefits, and evaluation follow through
A brief summary of your organization’s code of ethics, including a discussion about their role in supporting a functioning organization
A discussion detailing (a) the potential violations against the legal rights and protections of employees, (b) the subsequent consequences of those violations, (c) the severity levels for both the violations and consequences, and (d) a plan for avoiding potential violations
A comparative analysis of the diversity management practices in your organization and those of the public sector in general, including a discussion about any changes that are needed to improve the diversity management practices in your organization

Part II:Prepare your completed strategic management plan by combining the sections from Wk 3 (retention and recruitment) and Wk 6 (employer considerations and ethics) into a single document.
Note: Include an introduction and conclusion that support the entire strategic management plan.
Organize your material in a logical sequence, and support your plan using your textbook, peer-reviewed research, and other sources.




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