Human Factors in Man Machine Systems Project

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Your project for this will be to leverage the human factors principles and methods you will be learning in this course to redesign a man-machine system interface that you believe to have human factors limitations. (( The first step is to select an interface on which to focus. )) Please select an interface which requires significant interaction by a human and which has human factors limitations which need to be addressed. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU CHOOSE WITHIN A DAY OR TWO ( it must be aviation related ) Selecting an interface at the right “level” is key. An airplane cockpit is too complex, whereas a single control is too simple. Interfaces such as those associated with onboard vehicle systems or smart phone apps are probably of adequate scope. Choose an interface relevant to your current occupation or field of study and one with which you are very familiar or to which you have access. You will need to select an interface that is different from that used in your homework assignments. All interface selections must be approved by the instructor. Once the interface has been selected, you will perform the activities necessary to develop a paper in the APA style format. This should be a paper in prose form, not bullet form answers. The required paper sections are detailed below. I have included approximate page numbers, per section, as a guideline. Required Paper Sections: Introduction (1/2-1 page): Introduce the material to be covered in the paper. (Consider writing this section and the conclusion after the other sections have been developed as they should reflect what is going to be covered in the paper). Background (2-3 pages): Describe the selected interface, including the following: Describe the performance goals, components, inputs and outputs (focus on the human interaction) Develop a system diagram which illustrates components, inputs, outputs. Feel free to also include system photos. Select a use case task involving interaction with the interface; describe the system interaction (including task goals, information processing requirements, and interaction requirements) Describe how the interface supports each of the following human information processing components: Perception, Attention, Memory, Decision Making Problem Space (2-3 pages): Define the problem space by describing the human factors issues/problems associated with the interface. This should be a detailed discussion which leverages human factors concepts and methods presented in class. The discussion should present the problem and a discussion of why it is a problem, including several citations (at least 2-3 citations per issue/problem; a minimum of 8 references total in this section) from academic publications which have shown the issues lead to problems (e.g., performance problems, errors, etc.). Consider the following topics and whether or not the design supports these principles/types of performance (pick those most relevant; it is not necessary to address all items). Feel free to address topics not included on the below list.

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