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You receive an email from a student at your former high school, asking about life at your college. Read the message below, then write a response.

To: ______
From: Penny Garzon
Subject: Questions About College Life

Hello _____,

I’m a sophomore at ______ high school, and I’d like to know more about California State University, San Bernardino. You might remember my sister, Marguerite Garzon, who graduated with you. She went to Ohio State University, but I’m looking at other options.

Will you please tell me how you like school and answer a few questions for me:

  • How difficult is the work? Is the workload much more than what we have in high school? Is it manageable if I also have a part-time job during school?
  • How accessible are the instructors at your school? Do they have time for you one-on-one?
  • What’s the social life like at your school? Are fraternities and sororities popular? What do people do for fun?
  • Does your school have a debate club? I’m on the debate time in high school, and I’d like to join a club in college. What are my options?

Thanks for giving me your perspective. This will help me make a decision about whether to apply to your school.

Penny Garzon


Remember that you’re writing to a high-school student. For example, when Penny asks about the workload, tell her more than just credit load. Help her understand the difference between high school life and college life by including the hours/week requirements for a typical class load (including lectures, homework, etc.).


To help Penny understand college life, be as specific and detailed as possible. Share stories and experiences that will help her gain a better perspective of life at college. For example, if you’ve scheduled an appointment with a Professor during office hours, describe it to Penny. On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience with CSUSB fraternities or sororities (and many students don’t), be sure to explain that.


Penny’s email included four bullet points in the body of her email.

Answer all of her questions. Your response should include at least six

paragraphs: introduction, four body paragraphs, conclusion. Your body

paragraphs should be in the same order as her questions.


Be personal. Penny is a family friend. Choose a friendly, informal writing

I atached an example on the attachemtn

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