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Write your half draft, following the learning materials (textbook chapters, project instructions, supplemental resources, etc.) available in Module 2.

NOTE: Your half draft should be 350-450 words (no more, no less) and include your introduction and thesis, your summary, and, as space allows, the beginning of your response. After receiving feedback on your half draft, you will complete the project and turn in your final draft of at least 750 words in Module 3.

Submit your half draft of Writing Project 1 here for instructor grading. Submit your draft as a Word document. You may also write a message to your instructor in the text box (optional).

(Remember: Your half draft must also be posted now in the M03 Writing Project 1 Summary and Response: Peer Response Discussion.)

Always review the full writing project instructions and supplementary materials before submitting your draft in order to be sure you are meeting all the guidelines! The assessment specifics listed below are a summary only.

Assessment Specifics

Your Purpose Statement

  • Minimum 150 words (successful analyses are often longer)
  • Following Step 2 in CHAPTER 3 and CHAPTER 19, specifically describe your Audience, Time, Place, and Purpose of your draft.
  • NOTE: Your audience consists of other members of this class and your instructor
  • NOTE: Think about what your audience (classmates and instructor) already know and need to know from you
  • Place your Purpose Statement on a page just before the first page of your Summary and Response draft (If following MLA style, this will be the first page of your draft document; if following APA style, this will be the second page of your draft document, just after the title page).

Your Half Draft

  • Description of core reading/focus text you chose, identifying its rhetorical characteristics
  • Accurate summary of the core reading/focus text you chose
  • The beginning of a meaningful response, supported with evidence, of the core reading/focus text you chose
  • Introductory paragraph and body paragraphs, including your summary and the beginning of your response
  • Clearly developed main point (thesis) stating overall, focused response to the selected core reading/focus text
  • Use of at least 3 paraphrases (key details or ideas rephrased in your own words) and/or quotations (words, phrases, or key sentences)
  • APA or MLA manuscript style formatting, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and either References (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) page, as specified by your instructor. (Works Cited or References list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)
  • Observation of the conventions of Standard English
  • 350-450 words (no more, no less) for Half Draft (the minimum 150 words for your purpose statement is not included in this count)

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