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EXAM INSTRUCTIONS You will find a popular press (BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., etc.) article or an on-line video that gives an example of a company or industry situation that applies to the module. The situation should not be more than two years old. This article/video will be your core source and you will supplement it, through research, with at least two additional sources to complete the following. Analyze/explain the situation in your research using text concepts. You MUST use at least 3 different text concepts and they must come from at least two different chapters within the module. Grade will be based on • how well your chosen situation fits the module • the level of detail of your analysis (the degree to which you use the text concepts) • how well you integrate your situation and the text concepts • the strength of your sources • if you have at least 3 concepts from at least 2 chapters Your exam should be 3-5 pages double spaced, clear of typos and grammatical errors, with headings to separate relevant sections. It must be submitted in Word or pdf format prior to the dropbox deadline.

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