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Hello I need my research paper written by Thanksgiving for my Research Methods class. I already have some of the information for the paper to begin but I need to rest in order to complete the class.

Research Proposal Project (RPP):

•Topic Approval(50 points)-COMPLETE

•Annotated Bibliography (10 articles, 10points each = 100points)-ONLY HAVE (5) ARTICLES

•Research Question(s)and Hypotheses (50 points)-Complete

•Literature Review(100 points)

Mock IRB Proposal(IRB):

•Background/Literature Review(20 points)

•Research Question(s)and Hypothesis(10points)-COMPLETE

•Operationalization of Variables/Method Section(30 points)


•Conclusions/Limitations (10 points)

Research Proposal Project: Students will be responsible for preparing a research proposal written according to APA guidelines. Students will prepare a Research Proposal that includes a summary of the literature on their selected topic of interest. Students are also required to locate 10 scientifically supported sources, namely, peer-reviewed journal articles from peer-reviewed academic journals. Students will synthesize the literature into a concise discussion of their understanding of the topic based on the literature and offer valuable conclusions. The proposal will include a summary of the theory used to understand the research topic, statement of why the research topic is an important one to understand, a summary on what is currently known about the research area, proposed research questions and hypotheses, and a Reference page listing all peer-reviewed resources. The Research Proposal should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced, and with 1” margins all around.The proposal will be evaluated for these requirements, and for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and substantive content.

Mock IRB Proposal: Each student is required to complete amock IRB proposal due. The Mock IRB Proposal should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced,and with 1” margins all around.

•Abstract (1 page; 150-200 word limit):

Introduction and Problem Statement(.5 –1 page)

•Background(1-2 pages):

•Research Question(s)and Hypothesis(.5 –1 page):

•Operationalization of Variables/Method Section(2–3 pages):

•Results(.5 –1 page):

•Conclusions/Limitations (1 –2 pages):

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