IB Art Comparative Study.

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 You need to cover the following for Each artwork seperately. Formal Properties: Important questions to answer! This page will analyze the viewers interaction with the artwork. (could be helpful if you saw the artwork in real life) What is the media/medium? How did they make the artwork? What techniques did they use/ How does the media, and techniques lend itself to the formal properties (E&P of design)? What is the use of light? Light source? And how does atmosphere impact light? What is the composition of the artwork? How does scale impact the artwork? What is your role in viewing the artwork? What are the dominant formal properties used? How do the elements support the formal properties? Are you using the proper subject specific language to describe composition, media, techniques, principles & elements of design? The Cultural and/or historical context of the artwork- Important questions to answer!Include resource images of any influences and explain the importance of the images as it relates to the artwork. This could be photos of people, events, other artwork, or historical/societal/cultural images. Place small reference images here, but put larger images on the comparative study. Who are other well known artist(s) from the same period who could be considered contemporaries, who worked in a similar style? Who are other artists they knew who could have influenced them? How could family, friends influenced the work? Who paid for the artwork? This is huge and could influence the cultural context. Where was it displayed after it was made? Does this influence the context of the work? What is one typical work from this time period (other than that of the artist you are looking at) That might act as a good reference work? What major world events that occurred within the artist’s life-time and that likely had an effect or impact on the artist? What personal events could have influenced the artist? What outside influences inspired the project in the first place? What issues or topics help inform your understanding of the work? Why is it understanding these issues help give a deeper appreciation of the piece? How is context relevant to understanding each work? How is it important understanding time/place in which it was created? Are you using the proper subject specific language to describe the cultural and/or historical context of the artwork? Interpret function and purpose: the meaning of the artwork. All artwork is made for a purpose. But, it is never straightforward to discover this reason. Art Work tends to be ambiguous. include any other work by this artist that references the symbols or signs or imagery from the work you are researching. This could be earlier or later work. Anything that will help to deepen the meaning of the interpretation. Or Any other work from other artists and or history/society/culture that had similar symbols or imagery that will help to deepen

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