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Final Project Milestone Two: PICO(T) Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: In Milestone One, you submitted a topic proposal for instructor approval and feedback. For Milestone Two, you will incorporate any feedback and
formulate a PICO(T) question which will guide your research for the integrative review of the literature. Your PICO(T) question will assist you in the process of
finding and evaluating evidence related to your outcome as you continue to build upon your final project.
Prompt: For this milestone, you will turn your topic into a PICO(T) question by answering each of the questions posed below:

1- Identify the population of interest; what are their characteristics? Specifically, what group of individuals will be impacted by your identified intervention?

2- What is the intervention of interest? (Intervention)

3 – What is the comparison intervention? (Comparison)

4- What consequences are we interested in? (Outcome)

5- What is the time frame? If a specified time frame is not appropriate for your question, please articulate why a time frame is not applicable.

For examples of PICO(T), refer to your module resources.
Guidelines for Submission: Your PICO(T) question must be submitted as a 1–2 paragraph Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New

NB. Can you use articles from Shapiro library

Here are some recommendation by the Professor:
Textbook: Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice, Chapters 4 (The content of research journal articles, The style of research journal articles, Critiquing research reports) and 8

Chapter 8 discusses the preliminary steps in research, how to identify research problems, questions, and hypotheses, and how to locate theoretical and conceptual frameworks within a research study.

The brief section in Chapter 4 discusses the various sections found in a research article.

Library Research Guide: Evidence-Based Nursing
This research guide was created specifically for the Nursing Program, and contains a variety of resources that relate to the field of nursing. For this module, pay particular attention to the CINAHL Complete database, as well as the MEDLINE database, located in the “Other Nursing Databases” tab. Use this research guide to assist you in completing the Discussion Topic and Milestone Two assignments.

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