If each person is of inestimable worth, and, further, if we can ask

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If each person is of inestimable worth, and, further, if we can ask how each person can flourish, it naturally follows that we recognize all of this requires intentionality: we need to ask, what can we do to be good stewards of our lives, of the gifts, talents and opportunities that God gives to us? (p. 23)

To be a good steward means to wisely use the resources you have been given, in whatever form they come. It requires vocational integrity by which you carry out your work for the Lord, whether that be in a current profession or as a student in preparation for God’s vocational calling on your life. This vocational integrity is evident through excellence, truth, diligence, generosity, and Sabbath (Smith, 2011).

Assignment Requirements:

After reading Chapters 1 and 5 in Courage and Calling, write a reflection paper that examines your previous assumptions about stewardship and reflects on what you now think and know about wise stewardship and vocational integrity. How will your new understanding of these concepts impact your daily decision-making and the management of your talents, time, and financial resources?

Your reflection paper must be:

  • Two to three pages in length, double-spaced.
  • Written using well-constructed sentences and paragraphs (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), accurate grammar, and correct spelling.
  • Formatted using the APA template (Word) APA template (Word) – Alternative Formats , to include a title page, the two- to three-page reflection paper, and a reference page. (Do your best to format your paper according to APA Style; this will be explained in more detail in in Session 4.)
  • Supported with in-text citations from Courage and Calling. Avoid direct quotes. Rather, paraphrase (put into your own words) the content you wish to use from Smith (2011) to support your ideas, and then give Smith credit through properly formatted citations properly formatted citations – Alternative Formats and an entry for Courage and Calling on the Reference page (see the Reference entry for this assignment as an example).
  • Typewritten in Microsoft Word and saved with a file name that includes your last name, the session number, and the assignment title (e.g., “Johnson.Session3.Stewardship and Vocational Integrity”).

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