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Immigration and the UK

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What impact did immigration have on Brexit and how would Brexit impact UK immigration laws. 


Students will design a case study research analyzing the foreign, security, and defense policies of individual European states or groups of states (EU and non-EU countries) and applying the theoretical framework to one or more cases. Papers should be eight – ten (8-10) double spaced pages. Regardless of the topic selected, the student should deal with it analytically, not merely descriptively. This means that the paper should address a specific question and develop and support an argument. It should draw upon the relevant theoretical literature. Students may employ whatever system of formatting that works best for them so long as it remains consistent throughout the paper. 

 The number of sources required for research papers is a function of paper length: 8-page papers should have a minimum of 8 sources, 10-page papers should have a minimum of 10 sources. All sources listed on the REFERENCES page must be cited in the text.  

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