In-game Essay: Your role is the Lead negotiator for Saudi Arabia and oppose any treaty that will reduce the market for oil produced in the Persian Gulf

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Format: Around 1000 words, MLA format


You are Mohammad S. Sabban- Lead Negotiator for Saudi Arabia. Your objective is to oppose any treaty that will reduce the market for oil produced in the Persian Gulf. Your goal is to prevent a treaty from being approved. ***Details attached***

Write a paper providing arguments supporting your objectives. This essay is empirical.
•Acceptable evidence: facts known in 2009 OR from any class reading (write as it it was published pre-2009)

•Good research sources:

–Sources cited in historical background section of game book (129-52) ***ATTACHED***

–Sources listed in your role sheet ***ATTACHED***

–Further sources listed in gamebook pages 162-3 ***ATTACHED***

How to write a good treaty:

The strongest possible treaty would be legally binding and enforceable by international courts

•A political treaty merely indicates a commitment, with no consequence for non-compliance other than bad publicity

•Gamebook mentions the possibility of a tariff imposed on country that signs but fails to comply
•See gamebook 154

•Strong transparency: detailed reporting of all emission, inventory of forests and land use, strong accounting of money given to developing countries for mitigation etc.

•Monitored by independent body

•Weak transparency: only aggregate reporting

•Very weak transparency: no reporting

•See gamebook 155


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