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In the assignment there are 4 essay-questions. You have to answer each of them, every essay should be 1-2 pages long. You can use any sources.
Here are the questions:
-The early days of television were a time of technological innovation. Please compare and contrast the era with the current state of online content, specifically that available fro YouTube, Vimeo and other streaming services in a NON-NEWS, COMMENTARY sense (this may include reality, sketches, funny videos, YouTube megastars-just not news.) What are the similarities between then and now?
-Compare and contrast the style of American horror with that of Spain, Italy or Japan. Note how suspense is built (either differently or the same ), and how specific cultural assumptions are included. P.S. You may use ANY American horror series or ANY foreign horror-including features as I know certain foreign TV series are hard to get!-for this essay. You are not bound by the choices in the module.
-What are some cultural elements that were visible in the commercials we saw from Europe and Japan? How do they compare with American commercials? What are some of the key differences?
-How do you feel the business of television has impacted its creative side, especially in the past ten years. Do you feel that the coming of streaming, vertical integration, increasing budgets and the explosion of content has been a positive or a negative for the industry’s health overall?

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