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TOPIC: INDIVIDUAL IN SOCIETY PLEASE MUST USE PROPER MLA FORMAT* You should include a minimum of 3 sources, and your sources will be credible academic sources (no Wikipedia, Ezine articles, Cliff Notes, or random stuff from the Web). In other words, you will have to either visit a brick and mortar public/university library TO find relevant articles that address the role of the individual in society and provide details regarding whether or not the assignment question presents a valid picture of our world by asserting or disputing that, in many places people are experiencing rising unemployment, political violence, poverty, and looming ecological disasters related to all the other issues mentioned on this short list of problems. Your presentation will discuss – using fluent, academic arguments (meaning ideas argued from academic sources with a creative, compelling, logical and an imaginative use of language) – the following questions: In your opinion, what is the role of the individual in helping to solve some of the problems mentioned in the paragraph above? • Are we more likely to solve the problems if we embrace a sense of common purpose and public spirit focused on the collective good? Or, • Should we focus on our private pursuits and a market mentality that says our consumption is what makes the world go around? Does your argument account for a differing point of view? Explain. Is there a balance between what the individual is responsible for and what our role should be in the public sphere? • To place the topic of this week’s assignment into broader historical, political, and/or social context, search for three academic sources (e.g. books, peer-reviewed journal articles) and reference those sources in your analysis of the individual’s role in society. • Your presentation should be organized in a manner that allows the reader to follow the logical progression of your arguments, your ideas are well developed, and they follow a coherent pattern from introduction (thesis), through the body of the presentation, to the conclusion.

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