Industry Valley Civilization

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Industry Valley Civilization


Paper details:

Your Non-Western Civilization/location choices are: India Africa (not Egypt) China Australia The Americas (Migration, Lithic, Archaic, Mesoamerican eras) Note: You may decide to highlight a specific area or era. Focus is preferred over broad scope. The majority or ALL of your focus is prior to To include: You will research and summarize information regarding your chosen Ancient Civilization: location (environmental/climate considerations etc) cultural practices (religion, politics, activities etc) Using your research as a jumping off point, you will develop ONE major theme that specifically defines to your chosen Ancient Civilization. This theme will become your thesis on what you believe connects the context of your Ancient Civilization to their creative practices. Note: the more in depth your theme is, the more in depth your analysis is. Avoid picking simple or “surface” themes (eg Nature). Pick a theme that is a link to all different types of design within your Ancient Civilization (art, architecture, object etc) and consider how the change of material or use of space impacts the theme. Using this theme as the anchor (or thesis) to your assignment, you will prove your theme’s existence within your Ancient Civilization through choosing at least THREE examples of art, artifact, and/or architecture that specifically and dynamically highlight your thesis/theme. All of your research and art/architecture examples should be focused on/created BEFORE 1 AD. All BC examples. You will need to introduce each site/object listing the title, date, artist/architect (if known), materials/location. In detail, describe each object and include research, quotations etc. as well as your own analysis of why this object is important AND how it explores your theme/thesis. Connect to Course Material/readings. Use academic journals, articles, scholarly websites, museum sites etc. Avoid using Wikipedia. You may include images in your assignment as an appendix. Your assignment should be edited and written in formal, academic language, include a title page and detailed Reference page for both text and images. All research, quotes, and format according to APA standards.

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