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You are a public health nurse doing research on vital statistics and health status on a certain disease in the state of MA (you choose the disease). You
are to collect data and vital statistics for this disease and post your findings. Some recommended links you may use are and
Choose a disease or public health issue and research this topic. This forum includes epidemiology principles as well as your other readings. Make
sure you complete the reading before starting the assignment so you will have an understanding of concepts.
Part Two: Go to the MMWR website found at
At the bottom, click on ‘About MMWR’ and read about MMWR and understand the role of the MMWR. On the left side of the screen. Click on the
“Publications and then the MMWR Weekly Report” section. You can choose one of the related articles from 2016 till now. There are multiple articles to
choose from. Choose an article related to public health surveillance or outbreak. (any infectious disease or public health problem that is tracked).
Summarize this article in your posting and provide data from the MMWR notifiable disease link also found on the left side of the page. Bring all this
information together to analyze how public health surveillance interfaces with this topic.

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