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Innocent Drinks You will receive a set of specific questions to answer for each case. Your submissions (crafted in Microsoft Word, please!) should answer the questions, individually and in the order they are posed. Please clearly mark when you start a new question by starting a new paragraph—don’t intermingle the questions, please! You do not need to submit work other than responses to the questions. Each case is worth 20 percent of your final grade. The entire set of answers to each case assignment should be no more than three pages (single- spaced; 11-point font; references and question restatements do not count toward this space limitation). Each case study analysis is due no later than two hours prior to the live session meeting for that particular week. These are individual assignments. General tips on doing case assignments: 1. Be specific, but don’t just copy. An important part of these assignments is you providing evidence of your choices and suggestions. As you read through and develop answers to the questions, make note of page numbers and specific facts. Be sure to refer to these facts and information in your case answers—including putting case page numbers as references. Do NOT just copy and paste long passages of text (i.e., more than one sentence) from the case, however. Your evaluation is primarily based upon your thinking, not your ability to regurgitate the case. It is preferable for you to simply refer to an idea/fact and provide a page number. And, if you are making a suggestion or recommendation, be specific about how and why this should be done. 2. Explain your thinking. Cases are generally used to show a set of analysis tools and to solve problems or make decisions. In other words, they are used for you to show your judgment. But, for this judgment to really be understood, it’s important that you explain how you came up with the solution that you did. In other words, “show your math” or your thinking/logic for a lot of the decisions and arguments that you make. As appropriate, build upon—and reference!—readings and examples from the course. This is a ‘must’. Showing and clearly explaining why you suggest something is often more valuable than just coming up with an answer. A big portion of your evaluation is based on connecting the ideas in the readings and class to the cases, so show that you understand the content! 3. Read through the entire case. There are oftentimes important details and nuggets of information in the appendices and latter parts of the case. Make sure you don’t overlook these important details in the entire case. There is more to a case than just the introduction and conclusion sections! 4. Justify your assumptions. If, for some reason, you need to make assumptions about something in order to make a decision, then state what that assumption is. But you do NOT need to find outside information from what the company really did. Limit your response based upon the information that is presented in the case. Case Study Analysis 2: Innocent Drinks The second and final case is due no later than two hours prior to our week 9 live session and is based on the Innocent Drinks case. Please take into consideration your feedback from the previous case and the instructions for all case assignments. At this stage, it should be obvious that it is vital to refer to class materials (readings, lectures), to be specific and analytical in your case responses, and consistent across responses. Questions to answer as part of your submission (please answer in sequential order): 1. What factors have made Innocent Drinks successful so far? Be specific, please. 2. Innocent Drinks are considering a few growth options. How do Innocent Drinks’ growth options fit with the course materials on managing growth? This should be a substantial part of your entire assignment. Please make sure to show your understanding of the class materials (both readings and lecture). 3. What three or four factors should they consider when choosing among these options? Why these? 4. Which growth option do you suggest they pursue? Why? 5. Slightly unrelated—what is your view on the leadership model and the potential for differing roles as Innocent Drinks grows? Connect to class material from the entire course with emphasis upon Week 6 material.

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