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Select a company that is facing or has faced an international business related problem. Conduct an analysis of the problem and suggest possible solutions.


• Number of pages 12-15 (Excluding cover page and references page).
• Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12.
• • Projects MUST be submitted on the SafeAssign link in the Black Board to allow for plagiarism check, which MUST NOT exceed 15%.

• The project’s report/multimedia analysis should be detailed and illustrate how that specific problem or issue was addressed by the employees, managers or the organization and identify the tools used in investigating the case/problem (interviews, acting, newspaper, etc.).
• Groups will locate and compare managers’ answers with the taught management concepts and theories giving their appropriate personal practices and recommendations.
• Groups should explain how they could manage successfully the same issue based on the taught material.
• Pay special attention to the following:
• Quality and quantity of case/problem investigated.
• Analysis and evaluation of case.
• Ability to locate the answer in management theory.
• Provide all sources of data, with full citation, at the end.
• See evaluation criteria given towards the end of this document.
Select any international company located in Doha, Qatar and confirm it before you start writing.





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