Interview a Romantic Couple

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An elderly heterosexual couple holding hands and walkinga couple showing their wedding ringsA lesbian couple who have been together 72 years are in the wheelchairs getting married at 90 years old.

The goal of this activity is to encourage you to consider characteristics that are common to happy long-term romantic relationships. Here are some couples I discovered that may inspire you….

Long Term Love (Links to an external site.)

For this activity I want you to choose a couple that you know who has been romantically together for a minimum of 10 years. Longer would be preferred. I don’t care if this couple is related to you or not, but the couple needs to be two people you can interview (preferably at the same time). Feel free to interview via FaceTime if necessary. Thanks to the Internet distance is not a problem.

  • Contact this couple and set up a time to speak with them.
  • Conduct an open-ended interview with them.
  • Start by asking them to recall how they first met and what they found attractive about each other.
  • Ask them to characterize their relationship. What do they think makes their relationship unique?
  • Ask them why they believe their partnership has lasted so long AND what advice they would have for couples who want to have long-lasting romantic relationships.
  • Then come up with two more questions of your own making that you want to ask them.
  • In 5 paragraph essay form write your entry. You should have an introduction with a creative opening and include who you interviewed and why. All of your questions and their responses should be included in the body using proper grammar in essay writing form. You’ll also want to include any other details that may be of importance in understanding this couple. For example, you should discuss their nonverbal communication.
  • Include a detailed paragraph discussing what this experience meant to you. What did you learn about long-term relationships? Was there anything that surprised you? Is there anything you know you’d apply to your own relationship either now or in the future?
  • Finish with a conclusion.

Be sure to do your best NOT to be influenced by your own preconceived notions about what makes a long-term relationship work so that you can truly be open to what the couple has to say.

Notice, I only assigned one module this week so you have some extra time to do this, so I expect a collegiate level essay with details and depth of thought!

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