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 1. You play the role of writing critic and analyze Pharinets argumentative strategies in a rhetorical analysis essay. 2. A rhetorical analysis is a “reading” of how a writer or a speaker attempts to persuade his or her audience. In other words for this essay, you will write an essay that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of her arguments to support her claims and describe how Pharinet uses Pathos, Logos, Ethos. How should you begin? First, write a one to three paragraph summary about the essay that you will analyze. Include the following in your summary: consider your writer’s audience (what are their concerns?); consider the current events that inspired your writer (briefly); consider the writer’s goal or reason for writing. When you complete this summary you will have described the exigency for the writer’s essay (the reason the essay exists or the real world need for the essay). Describing the exigency first will help you spot moments in the essay when a writer uses ethos, logos, and pathos. One more tip: when you write, you might find it helpful to imagine that your audience is comprised of students who have not had English 1020. Your job, then, is to explain to them what makes an argument work well based on an article Is College for Everyone By Pharinet. For a rhetorical analysis, it is easier to write the thesis after you have written an exploratory rough draft or an outline. The thesis is usually a statement that tells readers whether or not you think a writer did a good/poor/fair job using ethos, logos and pathos in his or her essay. Sometimes, you might have a thesis that says a writer handles pathos well, but really mismanages ethos, for example. How should you organize the analysis? You are the boss here. You can organize the paper by ethos, logos, and pathos, or you can move through the writer’s essay start to finish (or whatever other way makes sense to you) as long as you discuss how effectively the writer uses the above rhetorical strategies. ESSAY REQUIREMENTS: 1. Write a minimum of 825 words 2. Quote within your essay using MLA in text citation at least 4 times. 3. Double-space your essay 4. Follow MLA format for your essay layout: 5. Use 12 point, Times New Roman Font 6. Use MLA Essay format 7. Upload your essay to the Rhetorical Analysis by the deadline.

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