Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have ‘Perfect’ Bodies?

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I have 2 other assignments for this research project that are due 11/09/19 that pertains to the same subject. I will post another order with this information. The two other assignments have to do with Creating a pathfinder and an Annotated Bibliography. Below are the instructions on Research Paper/ Argumentative/ Persuasive essay First draft due 11/22/19 Checklist: Typed (1500-2500 words in length) Half an inch in on the right-hand side in the margin-a heading on each consecutive page (last name and page number) On the upper left-hand side, an identification heading with my name, the professor’s name…and date Centered-a title then a double-spaced line between the title and the text One inch margins Half an inch, indented paragraphs Double-spaced line Avoids using first or second person points of view A title that is either descriptive or suggestive An introductory paragraph (7-10 sentences long) and a thesis statement that declares your viewpoint/stance, narrows the subject, claims something specific and significant and conveys purpose. Body paragraphs (at least 3); each paragraph begins with a transition or transitional phrase; each paragraph is 7-10 sentences long; each paragraph has a topic sentence that discusses one of your points/arguments and 2 examples/details with specific support; at least one example/detail is a quote, paraphrase, or summary of an outside source introduced with a signal phrase and a parenthetical citation using MLA format. A long quote that is five or more typed lines with special MLA formatting: I indented the quote one inch (or ten spaces) from the left margin; did not use quotation marks and “put the parenthetical citation after any end punctuation.” A paragraph that begins with a transition or transitional phrase and discusses the survey, its purpose, the questions and the results A concluding paragraph (7-10 sentences long) that uses one of the strategies of ending an argument, i.e. restate your main point, discuss the implications of your argument, end with an anecdote, refer to the beginning or propose some action. Work Cited page using MLA style formatting; the heading “Work Cited” is centered; every source you mention in the text is listed in the Work Cited section; the list is alphabetized by the author’s surname or by the title if the work has no author; each entry starts at the left margin; all subsequent lines are indented a half inch or 5 spaces.

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