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The final assessment is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate and practically apply your depth of knowledge and understanding of issues management. The examination will assess your understanding of issues management concepts and theories from across the entire unit. More specifically it seeks to: • assess your ability to identify key issue management concepts as presented in a case study format • apply unit concepts to a current case study; and • write professional documents which inform and persuade a non-academic audience. This assessment also prepares students for future careers not only as public relations and corporate communicators, but in executive roles across business, government and industry. Background While some issues emerge in crisis situations, other issues can be monitored on a longer-term basis. This can be a result of changing attitudes in society. Governments frequently make public policy decisions which impact significantly on the organisation. When new or changing legislation is proposed, individuals and organisations are invited to provide written submissions to Parliament to provide their opinion and expertise. What you need to do: Research and write a response to an item of fictional legislation on behalf of an organisation of your choice. Students should expect to provide: • Information about the key issue or problem that needs to be addressed from the perspective of the chosen organisation • Evidence (including relevant research, laws, policies or findings) • Examples of how the organisation and its stakeholders are affected by the issue • Recommendations for the committee

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