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To answer your question, first read ASSIGNED CHAPTERS then, find a journal article (not book or web site) that applies to your chosen question and access the full text of that article in the CUNY library database (try looking at the reference section of the chapter on your topic). Go to the Baruch Library menu Tab. To access the Baruch Library you will need your Baruch Library user name and password – which are different from your Blackboard log in credentials. They were sent to you at the start of the semester. If you cannot locate them – contact the HelpDesk. You must find the full text of the article; an abstract will not work. Review the article and identify how it applies to the question you have chosen to discuss. Answer the question by referring to the journal article you have chosen to review. Explain why you chose the journal article that you did. Be sure to reference sources in APA format. Responses to be based on chapters from McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018.

The implementation of IT systems within health care requires the partnership of collaboration and knowledge sharing between individuals and departments in an organization. How can this collaboration and sharing be used to help individuals preparing for information technology at different facility?

Your CUNY SPS username is: AM14206802

Your CUNY SPS password is: uYJ_QvS5

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