ITDS 1145 Comparative arts Module 4: Reflection Paper 5 Literature

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write a 500 word reflection paper on William Shakespeare Hamlet’s Soliloquy: To be, or not to be: that is the question. Spend about 250 words of your paper discussing the literature itself, making use of the elements of literature. Look up the dates of the author and include those dates in your paper (you do not need to cite a source for author dates, since those are considered common knowledge). Be as specific as you can when you discuss the literature; your job is to explain how the work is constructed and what elements of literature it uses.

Then spend about 250 words discussing your own reflection to the work. Remember, a strong response goes beyond a simple like or dislike and gets below the surface. It is fine to reflect on something this work reminds you of, or a train of thought that this work starts.

Remember to use strong grammar and accurate spelling in your writing. Be clear and descriptive when you write. If you have looked up information (in addition to the artist’s dates) about the piece, the style period, or the work itself, be sure you cite the course in your paper, according to the style manual required by your instructor.

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