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Part 1 Your finished flowchart should get an air temperature from the user for each of five days. It should then display

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  • the average temperature for the five days,
  • the highest of the five,
  • and the lowest of the five.

To complete, you will need to do the following:

·         Initialize the variable in main that needs to be initialized (you don’t need to initialize the variable that will hold the user’s input). In getHigh, initialize the two variables that need to be initialized.

  •  Add a call to the subchart getHighest Test your flowchart and make sure it works.
  •  Create a subchart called getLowest, put in the proper steps and call it from main.
  • Create a subchart called getTotal, put in the proper steps and call it from main.
  • Create a subchart called getAverage and call it from main.
  • Create a subchart called displayOutput where you display the required output in a user friendly way.

See printed directions for a possible extra credit item.

Rubric on which you will be graded:


Possible Points

Raptor flowchart runs without errors and produces correct output


Internal documentation identifies programmer and date; filename includes the programmer’s last name


Subcharts created where required


Loop used correctly


Selection structure used correctly


Output contains information required without any unnecessary information. The output contains text to explain to the user what is being displayed

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