JOURNAL WRITING- PROPER journalistic format

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Central Point Problems faced by international college students

  • Story Outline
    • Major Sections
      • The problems that the international students are facing such as homesickness and culture shock
      • How to overcome those feeling.
  • Sources
    • Interviewees (3+) answering those questions:
    • 1) As a an international students, what are the problems you faced?
    • 2) How did you overcome those problems?
    • 3) Do you have any suggestion to new international students?
    • 4) How did you deal with culture shock?
    • 5) Did you feel that you were treated equally?
    • 6) Did you face homesickness? How you overcome that?
    • 7) After this journey how do you describe it ? and what did you learn from it?
  • Problems faced by international college students
  • The purpose of this journal is to provide an idea of the types of issues that international academics students are experiencing while adapting their study life in the United States. And also offer suggestions on how to deal with and address these issues.

PROPER journalistic format

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