Journey to the West

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Journey to the West Academic Level : Bachelor Paper  1) Avoid the summary of the story in the readings and try to express your own thought. 2) Avoid general comments (e.g. I like it; it’s cool) and try to be more specific in your argument. Your argument should be related to the theme, characterization, and cultural significances you have found in the readings. 3) Apply analytical thinking, and try to examine the text in a comparative perspective (What have you learned about East Asian culture from the readings and how are they related to your own culture?) 4) Give supporting examples (from the reading materials in this course as well as your own learning). 5) Consult other sources, scholar works, reference works, including online resources. 6) Write good English (grammar, spelling). 7) Type-written, double space, three pages minimum. 8) Give citation of your source materials. Follow the correct style (MLA or Chicago style). Make sure you mention the title/author/page number or, in case of online source, the name of the website and web address. 9) Give at least 7 citations (4 from the readings and the other 3 from outside sources). 10) Include introduction, conclusion, and works cited in the paper.

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