Juveniles Versus Adults

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There is a perception that juveniles are less formed, more susceptible to reform, less culpable, more amenable to reform, more vulnerable to succumbing to peer pressure, more likely to desist from criminal activity, and less likely to understand responsibility than adults. Because of these perceptions, juvenile policies tend to be directed toward helping young people, with an emphasis on reform. This often translates into less criminal culpability. This perception is apparent throughout the system, starting with the terminology and steps in the system, punishment philosophies, and facility distinctions.

Recently, there has been a shift in the approach toward juvenile offenders. In this discussion, the potential for a direction shift will be explored.

In your initial discussion post:

  • Break down two distinctions between adults and juveniles that impact corrections.
  • Analyze two potential implications of the distinctions that are specific to corrections.
  • Propose adjustments to the two distinctions, focusing on recidivism prevention.
  • Predict two implications of the proposed adjustments to the juvenile, society, and corrections.
  • Use scholarly resources

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